JOURNEY’s New LOC8 Tracker Range Finds Missing Belongings Fast

JOURNEY’s New LOC8 Tracker Range Finds Missing Belongings Fast

Key points
  • JOURNEY’s new LOC8 Series features a trackable fob, card, passport wallet, and MagSafe-compatible wallet with phone stand.
  • People can track LOC8 devices via the Find My app on iPhones.
  • The LOC8 series helps people find missing items fast.
  • The LOC8 ecosystem helps people find missing valuables (such as keys, wallets, bags, and passports) when they’re home, working, commuting, or transiting in airports.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Electronics and lifestyle brand JOURNEY has announced the launch of its LOC8 device tracker range.

The LOC8 range – which features the LOC8 Passport Finder Wallet, LOC8 Finder Wallet with Stand, LOC8 Finder Fob and LOC8 Finder Card – is designed to help busy individuals quickly find easy-to-lose valuables such as keys, wallets, and bags.

Various studies have found that households and workplaces frequently lose everyday carry items, in spite of the stress it creates.

A JOURNEY spokesperson said many people identify with the alarming experience of realising their keys are missing as they rush out the door.

“Even though this can completely derail the day, it’s a headache people relive over and over, without course for remedy.”

160,050 British passports were reported lost or stolen in a five-year period. The LOC8 Passport Finder Wallet is trackable via the Find My App, using either the map or Play Sound button.

“The LOC8 range is an eco-system of trackers that equips people to quickly locate all the everyday carry items they depend on ….” -- JOURNEY

All the devices in the LOC8 range feature inbuilt ringtones that LOC8 users can activate (when within Bluetooth range) via Apple's Find My app (by hitting Play Sound).

When their valuables are out of earshot (or Bluetooth range), they track their LOC8 devices on the Find My app’s map.

JOURNEY’s spokesperson said that the LOC8 range is designed as a holistic solution to safeguard people from losing or misplacing all the valuables they carry.

The couch is a notorious black hole for missing wallets. Busy households can instantly find a missing wallet or other everyday carry essentials by activating the LOC8 Finder Card’s ringtone.

“It’s a headache people relive over and over….” -- JOURNEY

“The LOC8 range is an eco-system of trackers that equips people to quickly locate all the everyday carry items they depend on – be it keys, wallets, bags, pets, or otherwise – in all the environments they can’t afford to lose them in,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

“When we designed the LOC8 products, we were thinking about all the people who have ever had the misfortune of losing their passport at the airport. We were thinking about anybody who has ever left their bag or wallet on the train, or had a pet go missing. We were also thinking about anybody who knows what it’s like to turn the house up trying to find a car key, so they can make it to work or school on time.”

Lost keys? They can unlock a world of pain when time is tight.

The LOC8 Fob is a coin-sized belonging finder that people can attach to valuables such as keyrings, bags, and pets. It’s a great companion to the LOC8 Card, which discretely tucks into the pockets of wallets, purses, and bags.

For travellers, the LOC8 Passport Finder Wallet offers peace of mind and convenience, featuring pockets for essential cards, passport, and travel documents, along with inbuilt tracking and finder ringtone.

The LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet & Stand, a trackable wallet that stands a phone and holds five essential cards, rounds out the series.

“People can count on the LOC8 Series for peace of mind, alongside more comprehensive protection avenues such as insurance.

“Nobody wants to lose their valuables – especially expensive or irreplaceable ones – but it’s when these things go missing that the LOC8 range excels.”



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