At JOURNEY, we prioritise environmental and social sustainability in our product creation, community engagement, and business practices without sacrificing quality or affordability.

Over the past year, we’ve nearly eliminated plastic from our packaging, and our new shipping boxes are more eco-friendly. By integrating sustainability into our design, packaging, supply chain, and logistics, we meet consumer needs while working towards a sustainable future.


Crafted in Australia by our team of expert engineers, our products are intentionally designed to elevate your lifestyle whilst minimising environmental impact. We strive for sustainability without compromising quality, durability, and performance. 


Where possible, we’re shifting our focus to sustainable materials. Since inception, our leather products were made with sustainably sourced ECCO leather, and our newer products are designed with vegan alternatives.


Engineered for longevity, our products reduce the need for frequent replacements or repurchases, promoting sustainable consumption and saving money in the long run.


Our multifunctional products do more, so you can buy less. We also consider forwards-compatibility, so you’ll be able to use them for many phone generations to come.

Minimising waste​

E-waste and packaging make up a significant proportion of the global contribution to landfill. As such, we’ve made it a priority to minimise both without compromising experiences or passing on any costs to our consumers.


Our new packaging is comprised of 99% paper material,designed to minimise impact whilst still providing an elevated experience. ​


Since USB-C charging was standardised, we’ve beenable to eliminate excess wall plugs from our wireless chargers​


Our blog provides resources on how you can minimiseyour contribution to the e-waste problem. ​

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – That's How You Should Dispose of Your Tech

Our Supply Chain​

We ensure compliance with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) across our entire supply chain. We’re also a proud participant of New Zealand’s AoG contract.


Our team uses custom shipping boxes that fit snug to the product, taking up less room in freight and negating the need for packing fillers.

Looking forward ​

As JOURNEY grows, we’re dedicated to further refine and enhance our commitment to environmental and social sustainability. We envision a future of JOURNEY products made from sustainable materials, produced in eco-conscious factories, and designs that support your sustainability journey.

We’re excited about the future and the sustainable impact we can make together.

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