JOURNEY launches LOC8 Magsafe Money Clip Wallet with Find My Features

JOURNEY launches LOC8 Magsafe Money Clip Wallet with Find My Features

Key points:
  • A new feature is added to the original LOC8 Wallet and Stand – a new Money Clip attachment.
  • The Wallet has RFID and demagnetization protection and Find My features to ensure the safety of valuable personal information.
  • JOURNEY continues to focus on sustainability, with the Wallet made from vegan leather.

California, USA –. Tech and lifestyle company JOURNEY has announced the upgrade of one of the best-selling products from its popular LOC8 range. The new LOC8 Magsafe Money Clip Wallet and Stand adds an element of functionality, as part of JOURNEY’s continued focus in creating innovative solutions.

The Money Clip Wallet offers a combination of features, including the ones that our customers love, with an added clip that stores stray receipts, notes, business cards or loose cash. Along with the rest of the LOC8 range, this new release also has the vital Find My feature, with an in-built ringer sound system to ensure it never gets lost.  

Added Money Clip feature carries loose notes and receipts, while keeping slim design.

With the Money Clip, you can easily slip these notes into the back of your phone.

JOURNEY’s product design team shared that the Money Clip is “an added solution for everyday convenience that a lot of people might not think of.

People find themselves scrunching up loose cash and important receipts when they are rushing to leave the check-out counter. With the Money Clip, you can easily slip these notes into the back of your phone.”

The LOC8 Wallet series is created as a solution for potential thefts that occur whilst commuting or travelling, including the common RFID skimming theft that many unaware travelers are victims of.

JOURNEY ensures that the LOC8 Wallets are all equipped with RFID protection which protects the valuable information inside. The Money clip also has a protective lining and film that prevents demagnetisation of the cards.

The LOC8 Money Clip wallet is suitable for all daily routines, given its compatibility with all Magsafe devices and multi-functional purposes as a phone stand.

Not only focused on functionality, JOURNEY has a focus on finding sustainable material alternatives for the products. The Money Clip is wrapped in high-quality vegan leather that maintains a clean new look while ensuring cruelty-free options as opposed to traditional leather.

The Wallet also acts as a phone stand with a strong magnet to allow for more versatility of use. 

A JOURNEY spokesperson mentioned, "it has become increasingly important for our team to find ways to do our part in creating sustainable products that have a long-lasting effect.

Our gradual shift to recyclable 99% paper packaging is another way we want to positively impact the environment."



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