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JOURNEY Announces Mother’s Day Sale

JOURNEY Announces Mother’s Day Sale

Key points:
  • JOURNEY’s sale is 20% off sitewide.
  • Top JOURNEY Mother’s Day picks include laptop sleeves, chargers, and item-finder gadgets.
  • JOURNEY’s Mother’s Day range is more comprehensive than ever in 2024.
  • Tech is a great gift idea for time-poor mums who might not update their gear as often as they would like.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Tech and lifestyle company JOURNEY has announced its Mother’s Day sale is now live.

For a limited time, Mother’s Day shoppers can unlock 20% off JOURNEY gear sitewide, by entering the code GIFT20 at checkout.

Key categories in JOURNEY’s 2024 Mother’s Day range include wall and wireless chargers, power banks, and lifestyle essentials including desk mats, laptop sleeves, wallets, and Bluetooth item-finder trackers.

A spokesperson for JOURNEY said that tech is a great alternative for Mother’s Day shoppers (albeit sometimes overlooked) who want to mix things up this year.

“As surprises go, it’s a step up from flowers,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

With the Apple-certified TRIO ULTRA, mums can fast-charge an iPhone (15W), Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

“That’s why tech gifts can be very welcome.” – JOURNEY.

Earlier research from the Consumer Electronics Association has found that a significant percentage of mums want tech for Mother’s Day. 

JOURNEY added that tech appeals to mums because it ticks a lot of boxes.

 “It’s a practical gift and it’s advantageous every day, during work, commuting, travel, or life at home,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

“If mums are time-poor, they might not get around to updating their phone chargers and other gear as frequently as they perhaps should.

“That’s why tech gifts can be very welcome.”

The AXIE is a portable charger and power bank that equips mums for commuting, international travel, mobile work, and more.

"We have plenty of solutions to enable mums to get the most out of their days.” – JOURNEY

Some of JOURNEY’s top Mother’s Day gift picks this year include:

A lost set of car keys can ruin a mum’s day. A LOC8 Fob can save it.

JOURNEY’s Mother’s Day range is more comprehensive than ever in 2024.

“We all thrive when we feel organised and efficient,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson. “We have plenty of solutions to enable mums to get the most out of their days.”



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