JOURNEY Launches World’s First 4-in-1 Laptop Sleeve: NEXA

JOURNEY Launches World’s First 4-in-1 Laptop Sleeve: NEXA

Key points:
  • The NEXA is a wireless charger (for phone and earbuds), desk mat, mousepad, and protective laptop sleeve.
  • The NEXA is active when other laptop sleeves are idle (which is most the time).
  • Laptop users carrying the NEXA can zone any mobile space into a pop-up office.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – With the workforce more mobile than ever, mobile devices and lifestyle accessories company JOURNEY has announced the launch of the NEXA, a unique laptop sleeve that’s also a wireless charger, mouse pad, and desk mat.

The NEXA, according to JOURNEY’s spokesperson, is designed to support busy professionals and students who currently need a better everyday carry solution.

“The NEXA is a laptop accessory that actually does the job of four accessories – a sleeve, charger, mousepad, and desk mat,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

“Laptop users with a NEXA in hand can enjoy better mobility when they come and go between different workspaces each day.

The NEXA does more than other laptop sleeves.

Laptop users carry less and do more with the NEXA.

“They can use a mousepad to work at a café, and they can wirelessly charge their phone and earbuds, but they don’t need to load up extra items in their carry – they just need the NEXA.”

The NEXA Wireless Charging Laptop Sleeve, which is sized to house either a 13-inch / 14-inch laptop (the sleeve weighs 300g) or a 15-inch/16-inch (the sleeve weighs 350g), features an elegant vegan leather surface and soft-quilted interior that safeguards laptops from scratches, scuffs, and bumps.

Its spacious mousepad surface is designed for precision scrolling experiences, and its charging pad wirelessly fast-charges a phone and earbuds, eliminating cable clutter from desk spaces.

The NEXA charges a phone and earbuds wirelessly.

The NEXA wirelessly fast-charges a phone and earbuds.

“Mobile laptop users can quickly setup and enjoy the NEXA’s 4-in-1 functionality in airport bars, public libraries, hotel rooms, and other co-working spaces.”

In the last quarter of 2023, JOURNEY is set to expand its range of mobile device chargers and lifestyle accessories further.

The expanded range will include new locator devices, desk mats, wallets, device chargers, and more.


Turn anywhere into your working zone.

The NEXA can zone any mobile space into a pop-up office.

“The NEXA is a one-of-a-kind sleeve that solves problems other sleeves don’t.

“Essentially, when other sleeves are idle, it’s still active, – helping professionals perform a wider range of everyday work activities more efficiently.”




JOURNEY, an ALOGIC brand, is an endeavour in creating innovative consumer electronics. JOURNEY’s team of highly skilled product designers and engineers aims to create unique tech accessories that are practical, stylish, and sustainable.

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