JOURNEY Announces iPhone 15 Cases

JOURNEY Announces iPhone 15 Cases

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Ahead of the iPhone 15’s arrival, consumer electronics brand JOURNEY has announced it’s launching a new series of iPhone 15 cases.

The new JOURNEY range, which customers can pre-order from September 14, will protect all iPhone 15 series models.

With the new iPhones priced between A$1,499-A$2,899, it will be vital for consumers to protect them from accidents, said a spokesperson for JOURNEY.

“The data suggests that people who have cracked their phone screens at least once are in the majority,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson. “Considering the new iPhone 15 can cost almost A$3,000, that’s an ominous statistic for anybody who wants to get the most out of their iPhone for the longest possible time.

“The good news is that a phone case is a really simple and affordable solution that can save iPhone 15 owners a lot of money and grief – whether that’s sooner or later in the phone’s lifecycle.”

Made with enviromentally friendly vegan leather. All the benefits with 0 of the downsides.

JOURNEY’s new phone cases continue on from the full-grain leather phone cases it released for iPhones 12-14.

In a first for the global brand however, its new cases are designed with eco-friendly vegan leather material, and boxed in user-friendly packaging that is 90% recyclable.

JOURNEY’s spokesperson said that the design process for the new phone cases was heavily focused on a marriage of form, function, style, and aesthetics.

“Having already produced phone cases for the three previous iPhones (12-14), we’re in a great position to really zoom in on all the little details that ensure optimum quality products,” JOURNEY’s spokesperson said.

JOURNEY’s iPhone 15 cases continue on from its iPhone 12-14 cases.

Consumers who have previously protected their iPhones with JOURNEY’s cases will be familiar with some of the new cases’ best features.

The iPhone 15 cases are wireless charging and MagSafe-compatible, and available in JOURNEY’s signature saddle brown and classic black colours.

JOURNEY has also designed machine button spaces that protect the integrity and tactile feedback signals smartphone users expect from their iPhone experiences.

“With the new cases, iPhone users have a highly functional phone case that looks as good at it feels,” JOURNEY’s spokesperson said.

The iPhone 15 case is compatible with the full range of JOURNEY’s MagSafe compatible chargers and accessories.


Other notables that are new with the iPhone 15 cases are the increased thickness around its edges, for enhanced protection. The phone case edges are a fraction higher too, extending the protection further. On the interior, the cases feature new patterning for shock proofing.

“People who protect their iPhone 15 with our new cases can charge their phones, with the case on, while they have them connected to products such as our ALTI Wireless Charging Desk MatRapid TRIO 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stationand EXPRESS Wireless Car Mount Charger.

"The iPhone 15 takes the smartphone experience to a new level, but consumers can take things even further still with a great phone case, and other accessories and chargers.”



JOURNEY, an ALOGIC brand, is an endeavour in creating innovative consumer electronics. JOURNEY’s team of highly skilled product designers and engineers aims to create unique tech accessories that are practical, stylish, and sustainable.

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