JOURNEY's New Global Charger & Power Bank is the Fix for Low Battery Dramas

JOURNEY's New Global Charger & Power Bank is the Fix for Low Battery Dramas

Key points
  • The Axie helps families and professionals maximise device uptime during travel, commutes, and life at home.
  • The Axie is dedicated travel charging device that suits communal use.
  • The Axie equips device users for mobile connectivity any time they need it.

California, USA – Tech and lifestyle company JOURNEY has announced the launch of its latest multi-purpose portable charging device, the AXIE 10,000 mAh Global Charger & Power Bank.

The AXIE, which is both a 10,000 mAh power bank and wall charger, relieves traveling families and mobile professionals of the stressful situations that are inevitable when there are no electrical outlets available to charge their devices.

A spokesperson for JOURNEY said it’s built for communal charging too.

“When chargers are scarce in households or amongst traveling friends, the AXIE is a single charging solution for everyone.”

Axie Charging
A wall charger or 3-in-1 power bank with wireless charging capability.

"People can plug in the AXIE in hotels and airports all around the world."

The carry-friendly AXIE features MagSafe/Qi-compatible wireless charging and dual USB-C ports.

Families and professionals can use the AXIE at home, or away from home, to simultaneously charge devices such as phones, tablets, earbuds, and watches.

In the box, consumers also receive a USB-C cable, dedicated travel bag, and international charger plugs that work in more than 150 countries.

According to JOURNEY's spokesperson, all of the extras enhance the AXIE’s convenience as a dedicated travel device.

Axie USB-C
The AXIE’s USB-C cable magnetically clips on the product for easy cable management.

Did You Know?
  • The AXIE’s 10,000 mAh power bank can charge an iPhone 14 Pro up to 2.5 times under normal conditions.
  • Device users can fully recharge the Axie power bank in as little as two hours.
  • The AXIE delivers a wireless charging output up to 15W while simultaneously charging three devices.
  • Once the AXIE charges a smartphone 80-90%, it switches to low power mode to protect the battery health of the devices it’s charging.

“People can plug in the AXIE in hotels and airports all around the world. 

“The travel bag is perfect for organised carry, and perfect for speedy deployment.”

The AXIE, part of JOURNEY’s wireless charging range, kicks off a big 2024 for JOURNEY.

The company’s  global expansion will continue, with a widening range of desk essentials, wireless chargers, trackable devices, wallets, and storage accessories.

“The AXIE is the next chapter in our endeavour to make our local and international customers’ lives better with premium tech essentials that look good, feel good, and last.”


Axie Powerbank
Use the AXIE as a 3-in-1 powerbank with the wireless MagSafe Charger + 2 USB-C charging ports.

Comes with a travelling bag.



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