JOURNEY Ramps Up Power Bank Portability with Rapid GO

JOURNEY Ramps Up Power Bank Portability with Rapid GO

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA –Consumer electronics brand JOURNEY has a solution for a big headache smartphone users know all too well.

Low phone battery anxiety strikes at inopportune times.

Many consumers have turned to traditional power banks to solve the problem – but traditional power banks are heavy. They are oversized to handle. And the only way smartphone users can carry them around is tethered to a USB charger cable.

Not so with JOURNEY’s Rapid GO Wireless Power Bank – MagSafe – 5000mAh.

The Rapid GO is purpose-built to be user-friendly for consumers who appreciate the peace of mind they find from a little extra battery backup when they’re out and about.

The MagSafe-compatible Rapid GO, which shells magnetically on the backs of smartphones, features an anatomy of rounded edges, along with its slim and compact form. Phone users can continue their smartphone activities while the Rapid GO is attached to the back of their device.

A JOURNEY spokesperson said it complements the charging routines modern consumers increasingly expect for mobile work and lifestyle.

“You could take a large power bank to a café, or on public transport, but many smartphone users would prefer not to,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson. “It’s much easier to charge your device when there’s no cable connected, too.

“We really want to ensure our customers have access to mobile charging devices that are more functional and practical.”

The Rapid GO is faster than the traditional wireless power banks consumers have lying around.

It can dispense up to 10W of wireless charging or 12W wired charging power to suitable phones.

“The battery life of modern phones is much better, but we still get caught out.

“The Rapid GO is ideal for topping up your phone battery percentage in quick bursts – say of 20% or 30% -- without causing any disruption, so you can get on with what you are doing.”

The MagSafe-compatible device charges iPhones 12 and onwards. With its in-the-box magnetic rings – which attach to the back of phones – it charges earlier-model iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxies.

“If you switch phones, you can still use the Rapid Go,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson. “It’s also advantageous if you share chargers at home or even in the office, because anybody can make the most of it.”


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