Wireless charging becomes more functional with JOURNEY’s Rapid TRIO

Wireless charging becomes more functional with JOURNEY’s Rapid TRIO

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA – Consumer electronics brand JOURNEY has launched the Rapid TRIO 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station, the latest in its range of wireless charging devices that boost iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods batteries.

While the Rapid TRIO isn’t JOURNEY’s first 3-in-1 wireless charging station, it does mark several firsts.

According to JOURNEY’s spokesperson, the Rapid TRIO’s screen stand, charging pads, and modular components all represent new charging possibilities.

“We wanted to make wireless charging even easier for people who want to wirelessly charge all of their favourite devices,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

The Rapid TRIO is equipped with several unique features that even seasoned wireless charging station users might be unfamiliar with.

These include the detachable USB-C Apple Watch Charger, which Apple Watch users can connect to USB-C ports in other devices such as wall chargers and laptops.

Apple Watch wearers who use the TRIO have the option to slip the detachable charger into a bag or pocket for additional portability. This is a big plus any time they want to wirelessly power their watch away from the office or home.

Apple Watch users away from the Rapid TRIO can plug the TRIO’s detachable USB-C Apple Watch Charger into other USB-C ports.

The Rapid TRIO’s AirPods charging pad also doubles as a wireless charger for a second phone.

This hybrid charging solution makes a lot of sense for people who use an additional phone for work. So does it in shared living spaces, where multiple householders might want to quickly place phones on the same wireless charger at the same time.

It’s possible to charge a second iPhone on the Rapid TRIO’s AirPods charging pad.

JOURNEYs engineers also developed the Rapid TRIO to set a new precedent for what wireless charging stations have to offer as phone stands. The Rapid TRIO has been built with an adjustable hinge that tilts up to 55 degrees.

Mobile phone users who want to use the Rapid TRIO as a phone stand – while their phone charges – can do so in an ergonomically-friendly way. They can adjust their screen angle for the perfect view while they check notifications, scroll emails, or watch YouTube or Netflix.

“There’s no single charging solution for every charging scenario out there,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson. “But the Rapid TRIO is intended to offer consumers who like wireless charging more functionality in more situations than ever before.”

Adjust your phone screen angle up to 55 degrees with the Rapid TRIO’s adjustable hinge.

The MagSafe-compatible Rapid TRIO has launched just in time for Christmas.

It charges iPhones 12/13/14 with up to 7.5W, and Android phones up to 15W.

People who use Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxies, and other Android phones can make their devices compatible by securing a MagSafe-compatible magnetic ring (included in the Rapid TRIO box) to the back of their phones.

Phone users with MagSafe-incompatible cases can also make their cases MagSafe-compatible by attaching the magnetic rings to the back of their cases.

“Obviously, a lot of consumers want our chargers for their Apple devices,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson, “but we also field a lot of enquiries from customers who want to know if they can use the Rapid TRIO with phones such as Google Pixels or Samsung Galaxies.

“The answer is yes.  

“We have made it possible for the Rapid TRIO to have universal appeal.”


JOURNEY, an ALOGIC brand, is an endeavour in creating innovative consumer electronics. JOURNEY’s team of highly skilled product designers and engineers aims to create unique tech accessories that are practical, stylish, and sustainable.

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