The best iPhone 14 accessories

The best iPhone 14 accessories

Enjoy the best-possible iPhone 14 experience with the right accessories.

Now the dust has settled on the launch of the iPhone 14, early iPhone 14 adopters are well and truly into the honeymoon phase of iPhone 14 life.

But does the excitement have to end here?

Not with the right iPhone 14 accessories.

Here are some of the best iPhone accessories to get the most out of your iPhone 14.

Pictured: JOURNEY's 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station. Powering your iPhone 14, the easy way.

Fast wireless charging for iPhone

With a device such as JOURNEY’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station on your desk, there’s no need to plug a charger cable into your iPhone 14. Just place your phone on the wireless charging pad.

Wireless chargers are easy to use, but also perfect for eliminating cable clutter. With your unsightly cables out the way, you can focus better on the priority tasks at hand.

Remember too: with less cables to replace, there’s more money to save.

We also recommend you choose a wireless charger that simultaneously powers multiple devices. When you station one of these chargers in your work or living space, you can eliminate even more charging cables.

Use a phone case to protect your phone from becoming another statistic.

Choose an iPhone 14 case

Current research indicates that people are holding onto their iPhones for three-and-a-half years or more today. That’s a substantial period to protect your smartphone from screen damage.

Too much time, in fact, according to research from Ting Mobile. –It found that almost two thirds of smartphone users reported they have damaged phone screens.

If you think a cracked screen or scuffed phone veneer diminishes your phone experience, the best solution is a phone case.

To choose the best iPhone 14 case:

    • Choose a case that’s thin enough to be pocket-friendly
    • Ensure the case supports your phone buttons’ full functionality
    • Choose a case that supports wireless charging. Otherwise, you would need to remove your phone case every time you wirelessly charge
    • Consider a case made from material that feels good to handle
    • Choose a phone case that’s appropriate for your personality and lifestyle.

A wireless car charger keeps your phone right where you need it.

A wireless car charger for iPhone 14

Temperamental phone charger cables are distractive when it’s time to charge your phone in your vehicle.

One of the big benefits of having a wireless car charger is that it’s user-friendly when you’re on the road.

All you need to do with a car vent-mounted wireless charger is place your iPhone on the charger pad with one hand.

Because a wireless charger resides in a fixed position – often on a car air vent – your charger is always right where you need it.

Wireless chargers such as those in JOURNEY’s range also feature inbuilt charging magnets that automatically align with your phone.

Once you move your phone into your charger’s magnetic zone, it snaps your phone into perfect position.

It's also recommended that you look for a car charger with the following features:

    • A magnetic system with the strength to hold your phone in place
    • Landscape and portrait screen rotation
    • Speedy wireless charge capabilities
    • A robust non-slip/non-tip base.

Organise your desk space with an intelligent desk mat.

Desk mats for iPhones

In any given home or office, some of the best places to charge your devices hide in plain sight.

With the right accessories, however, you can make them unmissable.

One of the best accessories to help you reimagine how you organise your desk space is a desk mat.

JOURNEY’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat is a smart desk mat that wirelessly charges smartphones [up to 15W] and wireless earbuds [up to 5W].

Keep in mind that the best desk mats are built with materials that look and feel good – such as leather, vegan leather, or felt.

A good desk mat is practical too. Choose the right one for clean mouse navigation, desk zoning, and storage benefits.

It is also a good idea to go for desk mats that you can easily wipe, in the event of drink or food spills.

Pictured: JOURNEY's 30W Mini Charger. Power an extensive suite of devices.

A wall charger to power your devices

If you already have your iPhone 14, you’ll know that the box includes a USB-C-to-Lightning charger cable for your phone – but no wall charger.

If you want to power a wider device eco-system – comprising devices such as iPhone 14s, tablets, handheld gaming consoles, and even laptops with smaller power requirements – JOURNEY’s USB-C Mini Wall Charger can do all this. The tiny 30W device fits easily into your jeans, laptop, and travel bag too.

Explore JOURNEY’s full range of iPhone 14 accessories today.

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