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JOURNEY Expands its Range of In-Car Mobile Device Chargers

JOURNEY Expands its Range of In-Car Mobile Device Chargers

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Today’s drivers need better charging solutions for the growing number of mobile devices they take on the road.

That’s why JOURNEY has announced a new series of safe and speedy chargers for in-car device charging.

“A family on a trip or a daily ride share are perfect examples of communal charging requirements where a versatile charging solution can add a lot of value for everyone travelling,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

JOURNEY’s new range includes the EXPRESS Wireless Car Mount Charger with MagSafe compatibility, the PULSE 20 USB-C Car Charger - 20W, and the PULSE 60 USB-C Car Charger- 60W.

 Drivers can fast-charge their mobile phone on the way to work, with JOURNEY’s PULSE 20 USB-C Car Charger.

“When we hop in our cars, charging can be a bit of an afterthought,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

“Some of us might rely on the same inbuilt USB-A port in our car for months or years, even if it barely charges our device at all.

“Our new range is intended to make in-vehicle charging fast, safe, and convenient.”

 The EXPRESS Wireless Car Mount Charger with MagSafe is a wireless charger and magnetic phone mount.

The PULSE range chargers, which sit flush in car interiors’ cigarette sockets, are equipped for small and big charging tasks. They fast-charge everything from phones to tablets to smaller laptops, such as the MacBook Air.

The PULSE 60, which features dual USB-C ports, is especially ideal for drivers who need to simultaneously charge a driver’s phone or tablet, along with a smaller laptop.

For drivers and passengers who appreciate the convenience and safety of a wireless charger and a phone mount in the car, the EXPRESS Wireless Car Mount Charger with MagSafe is both.

Drivers can use the EXPRESS to display their phone in landscape ror portrait. The MagSafe-compatible charger’s magnetic stability makes it ideal for people who want to use their smartphone for hands-free calls, navigation, music and more.

Simultaneously charge a tablet and a laptop with the PULSE 60.

“We’re always focused on developing mobile device charging products and accessories to make our customers’ lives more convenient and efficient,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

This year, JOURNEY is set to release a wide variety of innovative new tech products.

JOURNEY’s spokesperson said the new car charging range will help drivers reimagine what their cars have to offer as charging spaces.

“Our new chargers are launching to further accommodate the evolving needs of our customers”.

Learn more about our car charger range here.



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