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Wallets Aren’t Dead – Just Smarter and Smaller, JOURNEY’s New EZMO Shows

Wallets Aren’t Dead – Just Smarter and Smaller, JOURNEY’s New EZMO Shows

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -- Wallets aren’t obsolete – but oversize ones increasingly are.

That’s the view of consumer electronics brand JOURNEY.

Its first-ever wallet, the EZMO MagSafe Wallet and Phone Stand, is a slim showpiece for consumers disinclined to bulkier alternatives.

According to JOURNEY’s spokesperson, the tech-savvy EZMO debunks antiquated perceptions about what a wallet is and does.

“The global pandemic has played a big part in normalising transactions with digital cards and cash,” said JOURNEY’s spokesperson.

“Wallets haven’t gone the way of the handkerchief, but the expectations people have for their wallets is changing.

“The EZMO is a versatile wallet, half the size and weight of the wallets our parents might have carried.

“It offers consumers pocket space for the essentials, in an increasingly digital world.”

The EZMO securely holds five essential cards.

The vegan-leather EZMO is designed to make storage and transaction experiences convenient and efficient.

Consumers can store five essential items – such as a credit card, debit card, bank note, wallet-finder card, and license – in the wallet for quick retrieval.

Their MagSafe-compatible wallet also magnetically conjoins with their phone.

“It helps when you want to gather up your belongings before you head out for a coffee break, meeting, or shopping trip,” JOURNEY’s spokesperson said.

“Having the option to hybridise your wallet and phone saves you a lot of space in your pockets or bag too.”

The EZMO doubles as a phone stand.

Although the digital world is diminishing old-fashioned wallets’ relevance in a range of ways, JOURNEY’s designers have innovated to produce a modern wallet that’s even more central in consumers’ lives.

The EZMO features RFID blocking technology to protect consumers from skimming thieves, and it doubles as a phone stand.

EZMO users can stand their phone on the wallet and adjust their viewing angle up to 160 degrees.

They can also rotate their ergonomically-friendly phone display between landscape and portrait view.

“We’re really pleased to give modern wallet users a minimalist-style wallet with maximum features,” JOURNEY said..

The EZMO blocks skimming.

This year, JOURNEY is releasing a variety of new products to further accommodate mobile device users’ everyday needs at home, in the office, and in between.

“Our wallet is a logical extension of our cases and chargers,” JOURNEY’s spokesperson said. “It’s another element in our growing suite of products for consumers who want everyday device experiences to be as efficient, productive, and enjoyable as possible.”

Learn more about the EZMO here.


JOURNEY, an ALOGIC brand, is an endeavour in creating innovative consumer electronics. JOURNEY’s team of highly skilled product designers and engineers aims to create unique tech accessories that are practical, stylish, and sustainable.

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