Mother's Day

Buying Mum Tech For Mother's Day

Buying Mum Tech For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is on the horizon. Choose a great gadget for a great Mother’s Day, with JOURNEY’s helpful hints.

You’ve probably gifted your mum chocolates for Mother’s Day before – surely, we all have, at least once. Same goes for flowers. Not to mention breakfast in bed.

But what if you want to truly surprise the mums in your life this Mother’s Day? What if you want to spoil them with gifts that resonate well beyond Mother’s Day?

What we can vouch for is how significantly a well-chosen gadget can benefit mums as they go about everyday life.

Not just any gadgets, however.

To choose one that genuinely thrills your mum, here are our recommendations.

Sometimes, the best way to decide what mum wants is to ask.

How to choose a relevant tech gift for Mother’s Day

Before you gift your mum a pricey piece of tech, ask yourself exactly how likely it is that she will use it. Recently, one poll found that almost two-thirds of mums had pretended to like a gift in the past, including mud flaps for their cars (yikes!).

Ask yourself: What is mum passionate about? What are her everyday priorities? What tech is best suited to the lifestyle she leads? This exercise should inform a range of relevant ideas.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to directly ask for a list of gift ideas. Ask for several far in advance. That way, you retain most of the element of surprise when you gift her on the day.

The ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat [pictured] is a simple solution for cluttered desks.

The ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Gifting mum tech that’s easy to use

Remember this rule of thumb: The more unpredictable your gift, the easier it should be for mum to use.

Few mums are likely to be enthusiastic about navigating a dense instruction manual for a gadget they aren’t even remotely expecting. If they are expecting it – maybe they requested it – schooling up on instructions is less of an imposition… but, generally, favour user-friendlier tech wherever possible. Odds are better mum will love these on Mother’s Day.

Leather she'll love





Choose compatible technology

It’s a good idea to opt for tech that works harmoniously with the tech your mum already has. At JOURNEY, for example, we design various chargers and accessories specifically for iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches. If your mum already has these devices, our chargers and accessories would be perfect.

Full-grain leather cases are the stylish ways for mum to protect her devices from scuffs and scratches.

Quality really matters

When you’re shopping tech for your mum’s household or workplace, there can be genuine risks attached to purchasing disreputable brands. Fire or battery damage are certainly not unheard of. Look for reputable brands. Look for safety certifications and warranties. Check out consumer and media reviews online.

Customer support

It’s paramount to have access to quality customer service when you’re shopping technology. If you’re looking to buy tech gear online, ensure there’s a customer support team you can reach out to, should you (or your mum) discover you need support for a technical issue. Also be aware of the warranty offered with your product, and if the returns system is user-friendly. This will save a lot of headaches if you need a refund, exchange, or support.

Mobile wireless charging solutions for mobile mums.

Beat the Rush on Discounted Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’d prefer to bypass the last-minute Mother’s Day shopping rush – and enjoy the contentment that comes with organising a well-chosen Mother’s Day gift in good time – JOURNEY’s sitewide Mother’s Day Sale is now on.

In just a few clicks of a mouse, or taps of a phone, you can spoil mum with chargers and accessories that will power, protect, and enhance her smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds experiences.

That means, less cable clutter on mum’s work and living spaces. It means less charging headaches. And it means more “me time”.

Surprise mum by shopping JOURNEY’s Mother’s Day Sale

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