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The Best Travel Gadgets

The Best Travel Gadgets
With domestic and international travel in revival mode, it’s the perfect time to get yourself travel-ready.

For many of us, summer is on the horizon. For the rest, a summer escape from another incoming winter beckons.

To make the most of these times traveling, however, it’s essential to plan your personal technology.

As we know, today, technology is drastically transforming the way we experience travel – for better or worse.

The (admittedly, still turbulent) roll-out of in-the-air Wi-Fi is underway. We enjoy the convenience of mobile boarding passes. Sometimes, if we’re lucky enough, we can even find a find a rickety USB port operational enough to plug into on a long-distance bus trip.

Key Points.

  • The best travel gadgets are essential for the best travel experiences.
  • Portable wireless chargers are a blessing in hectic travel environments.
  • Travel tech is an investment for today’s and tomorrow’s trips.
  • Affordable travel tech provides high-value travel solutions.
  • Specific chargers have specific advantages in specific situations.

What all this helps underscore is why travellers need to plan their tech carries.

So, what are the best travel gadgets to ensure you enjoy your travel experiences?

Read on to discover more about some cool travel gadgets to prepare you for your next trip.

A mini charger is a major power source for your smartphone, tablet, and even laptop.

Mini chargers make major differences to travel tech carries

A mini wall charger is a fraction of the size of a traditional wall charger.

That makes it particularly pocket-friendly when you’re on the road or in the air.

Small as these allies of the mobile device are, however, they’re monuments of power.

All thanks to Gallium Nitride (GaN).

GaN is next-generation charging technology that essentially enables charger manufacturers to design smaller chargers with greater charger efficiency and higher power output.

The benefit for you is that you can retire bulkier chargers for a pocketable powerhouse that will juice your smartphone and tablet, and even a smaller laptop.

Think of a mini charger as peace of mind in your back pocket (literally, in some cases).

Although it’s extremely discrete, it’s always right there when you want to fast-charge your tablet for the plane, or quickly top up your mobile phone for the perfect postcard snap.

For versatile charging needs, look for a mini charger that delivers up to 30W of power.

"Some of us have learned the hard way why it's a very good idea to pack a travel adapter before land in a country with different power outlets."

A universal travel adapter is an investment for today’s and tomorrow’s travel.

Add a travel adapter to your travel gadgets list

Some of us have learned the hard way why it’s a very good idea to pack a travel adapter before we land in a country with different power outlets.

A universal travel adapter – which is equipped with the various prongs you need to plug into different power outlets in different countries – is a handy investment for your next trip and future ones.

Our advice is to choose an adapter that’s equipped with the amount of USB ports you need to quickly charge multiple mobile devices, or to share with other travel companions (ease the bottlenecks of your average nuclear family’s iPad stack, for example).

A mix of USB-A and USB-C ports can be a big help.

The Rapid GO is your backup at festivals, sports events, and other travel occasions.

Wireless power banks are cool travel gadgets

Specific chargers have specific advantages in specific situations. That means, the charger/s that you depend on at home or work might not be the one/s you depend on for travel.

According to one report, Impact Assessment Study on Common Chargers of Portable Devices, consumers aged 18-24 reported owning an average of four chargers – compared with three chargers for all other age categories – with a few reporting to own up to 25 chargers (!).

Sounds like overkill? It does nevertheless highlight that many of us appreciate the versatility of a charging suite to accommodate our charging needs.

A wireless power bank has a lot to offer in various travel scenarios.

A wireless power bank is equipped with an in-built battery that you can charge in advance of a commute or trip, via a wall charger. Once your power bank battery is fully charged, it’s LED indicator will show that status. Then you’re ready to slip your power bank into your backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage.

Look for a power bank that attaches magnetically to your phone. Also keep in mind that you will appreciate a power bank that is light and compact enough to saddle onto your phone without fettering the tactile user-experience you have while you’re engaged in mobile device activity.

A power bank is especially beneficial in scenarios where your access to power outlets is minimal or non-existent.

Think long flights with glitchy USB ports. Think a flat phone battery on a train ride ahead of an important meeting. Keep in mind that plenty of airport gates have many more battery-starved phone users than they do wall outlets (let alone working wall outlets). Same goes for concerts, music festivals, and sports events on your travels. Once your phone goes flat, there’s often no reviving it. This can be a big downer if you’re excited to snap your favourite sports team, band, or friends and family you’re traveling with.

Safe road trips are fun road trips.

The best travel gadgets for road trips

Often, on road trips, our phone makes all the difference. On the road, your phone is your map. It’s your music playlist. It’s the device you take your calls on (it’s your phone, after all!).

However, the best road trips are the safest ones. Navigating your phone while it’s sliding around on another seat, in your lap, or in your hand, is a big no-no.

Legally, licensed drivers can use their phones for more activities when it’s securely cradled and mounted.

"There’s a dark hole to go down thinking of all the headaches and heartaches a smashed phone screen can inflict on your travel experiences….”

Legally, licensed drivers can use their phones for more activities when it’s securely cradled and mounted.

Always check the road rules for your specific location (they will vary), but common activities many drivers are legally permitted to engage in (when their phone is securely cradled and mounted) include making and receiving calls, playing podcasts or songs, and using maps for navigation.

All of this helps explain why a wireless car charger is one of the best travel gadgets for road trips. A high-quality wireless car charger enables travellers to safely use their phone while they are behind the wheel (even if your mobile phone use is legal, still always consider the traffic conditions to discern if it’s safe to use your device), and more. Simultaneously, your phone charges, so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to climb out of your vehicle.

A mountable wireless car charger with a strong magnet also secures your phone on your charging pad in gnarly road conditions. You can also easily place your phone on these travel gadgets with a single hand and peripheral sight, thanks to magnetic alignment.

Smashed devices on your trip? Not with leather cases.

Protective phone cases are smart travel tech

It’s never a good time to smash your phone screen.

Especially not on the trip of a lifetime.

Nor on an important work trip where you’re frequently working mobile, for that matter. Nor on a commute to a meeting.

Suffice to say, your mobile phone is one of your most vital business and travel companions.

If it breaks, we can incur all walks of losses – no wallet, no camera, no communications…. There’s a dark hole to go down thinking of all the headaches and heartaches a smashed phone screen can inflict on your travel experiences….

This is why protective cases for your everyday travel tech are such no-brainers. Often, for less than $50, you can find a phone case that will give you both the protection and peace of mind you’ll appreciate over the lifespan of your device (likelier, a much longer lifespan, in a case).

Some things to keep in mind when you choose a case. Choose one that’s designed to charge magnetically, if you intend to keep the case on when you charge wirelessly – be that with a power bank, car charger, or charger on a stand.

Some charger cases can look awfully utilitarian too. Others also hinder what you can do on your phone – by making it more difficult to push your phone buttons, for example.

But you can find great cases that are complementary to your personal style too.

Look for popular materials such as leather and vegan leather. Be diligent in ensuring that you can still charge your device with your case on. This is particularly important when you need to quickly get your device charging while you are on the go.

Likewise, look for cases that have been precision-designed with cut outs that align perfectly with your phone’s buttons, so you are protecting your phone without compromising on your tactile experience.

Whether you have one trip in planning, or multiple booked, expect travel technology advances to continue evolving the way you experience life in the air, on the road, or via rail.

With the best travel gadgets in your bags and pockets, the best travel experiences await.

Find JOURNEY’s best travel gadgets today.

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